Wax Resin Composite (KOBOGUARD® HRPC)
Fumed Silica Gellant (CO15M5)
Kobo offers a wide range of specialty ingredients for the benefit of personal care formulations including Binders, Fillers, Fibers, Gellants, and Scrubbing Beads.
  • Specialties

    • Absorbents

      NIKKOL POWDER SUGAR SQUALANE 03 provides skin care effect due to release of squalane, sebum absorption for long-lasting effect and prevention of caking and color change in powders.
      CHARCOAL POWDER: Absorbing Charcoal Powder, obtained from the carbonization of Ubame Oak.
    • Active Ingredients

      Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is a stable form of Vitamin C. It is a skin brightening active that inhibits melanogenesis, has anti-free-radicals activity and enhances skin metabolism.
    • Dry Binders

      The strong cohesive properties of dry binders make them easier to disperse allowing the formulator to decrease the amount of lipids. They are also hydrophobic, and simplify the pressing of powders.
    • Emulsifiers

      MAKIBASE OW14 is a vegetable-based, PEG-free, O/W emulsifier, which provides light and pleasant skin-feel. It is good for cold process, sprayable formulations or formulas with high oil content.

      MAKIBASE SEB is a vegetable-based, PEG-free, W/O emulsifier, which provides light and silky-smooth non-greasy feel. It is also good for cold process.
    • Esters

      The product range offers esters ranging in various properties such as oxidative stability, heat stability, compatibility, etc.

      Plandool™ are plant derived esters, with a range of melting points, consistencies and refractive indexes. They provide moisture retention to skin care, make-up and hair care products, add gloss and have high pigment dispersion ability.
    • Extracts

      The product range offers extracts from plant origins ranging in various properties such as anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, etc.
    • Fibers

      Nylon Fibers are synthetically derived fibers, available in variable length, thickness and color. They are commonly used in mascara and eyebrow products for lengthening and volumizing effects.
      CELL-U-LASH™ fibers are made of cellulose, a natural polymer, and vary in length from 20µm to 110µm; they are hydrophilic and disperse easily in the initial water phase of an emulsion.
      ECOFIBER is a natural, polylactic acid. It is a mascara fiber that helps to provide length and/or volume.
      SILK COTTON PW is a ground fiber from a natural Silk Cotton Tree that is very light and bulky compared to other powders and has high oil absorption.
      Rayon and Polypropylene fibers are also available. They are commonly used in mascara and eyebrow products for lengthening and volumizing effects.
    • Fillers: Boron Nitride

      CARESS® BN is a line of high purity Boron Nitride, available in a broad range of particle sizes and crystal morphologies. They provide formulations with a very soft and silky touch, excellent skin adherence and appearances ranging from matte to shiny.
    • Fillers: Mica, Talc and others

      Kobo Minerals include Sericite, Mica, Synthetic Mica and Talc. They contribute to a finished product by adding bulking properties, enhanced skin feel, luster and shine. They are also available surface treated. Other fillers available are Barium Sulfate, Silica and Cellulose or Starch based materials.
    • Gellants

      Fumed Silica dispersions are pre-dispersed high purity silica homogenized in a range of natural oils, silicone oils, or esters, which provide easily manageable and dust free gellants for oil phases and anhydrous formulas.
      MAKIMOUSSE Sodium Polyacrylate Starch gellants are ideal for Mousse extured products.
      AQUA KEEP 10SH-NFC is an extremely absorbent Sodium Polyacrylate powder thickener.
      Ikeda NOMCORT® Gellants range in various properties such as thickener and stabilizer in water-in-oil preparations.
      SUMECTON SAN-P and SUMECTON SWN are synthetic clay gellants, which help in dispersing pigments and building up shine in hot pours.
      Exilva is a natural, cellulose-based performance enhancer, with a unique 3D microfibrillar structure ideal to increase the viscosity and stability of formulas.
    • Resins: Water Phase

      The product range offers various degrees of firmness and water-resistance.
      DAITOSOL and KOBOGUARD® are water-based, alkyl acrylate copolymer emulsions. They leave a strong, flexible, long-lasting, thin film and enhance shine.
    • Resins: Oil Phase

      KOBOGUARD® 5400 is a low molecular weight polymer (Hydrogenated Polycyclopentadiene), available dispersed in Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Isododecane or Squalane. It is a low odor, oil soluble resin which provides water resistance and improves wear of the formula. It is an excellent alternative to Rosin based derivatives.
      KOBOGUARD® HRPC is a is patented ternary wax resin composite, with unique synergy among all components. It imparts enhanced adhesion and substantivity to formulations for the skin, hair, nail or lashes and improves water-resistance, rub-resistance, and transfer-resistance.
      KOBOGUARD® MQ is a silicone resin available as solutions in Dimethicone, Methyl Trimethicone or Ethyl Trisiloxane. It forms a protective barrier on the skin, holds pigments in place while providing water resistance, enhaced spreadability and improved wear.
      MAKIGREEN GF is a film former and W/O Emulsifier with a natural origin. It is a strong, transparent, flexible film that provides a glossy effect and unique elasticity properties that can help achieve original textures.
    • Scrubbing Beads

    • Specialty Dispersions

      CO40SS is Sodium Saccharine dispersed in Castor Oil use in lip products to give a slight sweet taste.
      WD-VCB25 is an aqueous dispersion of Charcoal Powder.
    • Specialty Pigments

      BLACK NF is a fine black iron oxide powder. Its unique crystal structure gives a more intense, blue-black color compared to other iron oxides.
    • Surfactants

      Sunsoft M-12J offers various properties such as superior detergent and foaming ability with low irritation.
      MAKIGREEN LCS+ is an optimized combination of vegetable-origin surfactants used to solubilize many different oils in water.
    • Waxes

      PM WAX 82 is a combination of Polyethylene (and) Microcrystalline waxes that can give structure and add rub-resistance to a formula.
      MAKIGREEN VELVET WAX POF is a natural wax that provides smooth, velvety skin feel and can help stabilize and thicken emulsions.