Help & FAQ

What does Kobo Products offer?
Kobo Products develops, manufactures and distributes innovative and technology-based raw materials for the Cosmetics Industry. Our expertise includes surface treatments of pigments, dispersion of pigments, Microspheres, delivery systems, and other specialties. We also distribute other companies' ingredients either on the US market or worldwide.
For an introduction on Kobo range of products, please click here

How do I navigate the site?
Our website has been designed with the user in mind. We have worked to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the website so you don't have to spend hours looking for what you need.
The 'Products' section describes our range. In this section, you will find a brief description of the different types of products, a slide show presentation highlighting the most important features of the products specifications and use, and listings of more than 340 products, giving the INCI names and allowing you to download Specification Data Sheets and SDSs.
The 'Literature' section (see the icon on the top part of the pages) lists brochures, flyers and printouts of presentations at conferences and shows that you can view and download as PDF files.
The 'Contact' section allow you to find the contact you need at Kobo and the addresses of our agent in your country.
Finally, the 'Request' section allows you to send us a message requesting samples and brochures.

How does Kobo distribute its products?
Kobo Products distributes its ingredients directly to customers and also has a network of independent agents throughout the world, generally one per country. To see a list of our approved agents, please click here

What if Kobo does not have an agent in my country?
You may want to contact us directly either in the United States or in Europe; we will send information and/or samples to you directly. To go to the contacts page, please click here

How is my request treated at Kobo?
When a request is submitted for samples/documentation, Kobo’s Gratis Department will receive a notification to process and prepare the order and ship it A.S.A.P. (usually 2-3 days for available products). If a product is not available, the customer will be informed by e-mail.