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Climate Change Action

Kobo recognizes the urgency of addressing climate change and is committed to doing our part to ensure a better world for our customers and employees. Through strategic partnerships with environmental organizations, we actively participate in initiatives dedicated to combating climate change. These collaborations leverage collective expertise and resources, allowing us to contribute meaningfully to global sustainability efforts
Additionally, our pursuit of esteemed certifications and memberships underscores our dedication to stringent environmental standards. These certifications are not just symbols; they're evidence of our proactive measures, ensuring our business practices align with the highest benchmarks in sustainability.
To demonstrate our longstanding dedication, Kobo has used 100% renewable energy since 2016.

UN Global Compact

Associate member since 2023
Kobo is honored to be a member of the UN Global Compact, a worldwide sustainability movement that aligns member company’s strategies and operations with principles on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption policies. Our participation in the UN Global Compact is more than a symbolic gesture – it's a steadfast pledge to contribute to a world where businesses play a pivotal role in creating positive social and environmental change. Under the UN Global Compact, Kobo has chosen to focus on the following corporate sustainability goals:
  • Climate: Kobo pledges to take urgent actions to combat climate change and its impact
  • Responsible consumption and production: Kobo promises to ensure sustainable consumption and production practices throughout all operations

The Science Based Targets Initiative

The Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) provides a robust framework for companies to set climate targets rooted in scientific consensus. It's not just about reducing emissions; it's about aligning our goals with what science dictates is necessary to limit global temperature rise and combat climate change effectively.
The initiative involves a meticulous process, evaluating a company's carbon footprint across different scopes and ensuring that reduction targets are both ambitious and grounded in scientific reality. SBTi essentially translates the complex language of climate science into actionable steps for businesses.

By choosing to participate in SBTi, Kobo demonstrates our commitment to transparency and accountability in their sustainability efforts. It's a collective movement, and each participant becomes a contributor to the broader mission of building a sustainable and resilient future.

At Kobo, we’re proud to have earned the SBTi stamp, which represents a step towards a future where sustainability is guided by science, not just good intentions.

Our pledge: Kobo commits to decreasing our scope 1&2 by 42% by 2030.

Green-e Energy Certification

Green-e Energy Certification is more than just a label; it's a rigorous verification system that ensures businesses are sourcing their energy responsibly. The certification process involves thorough assessments to verify the origin and impact of the energy consumed, offering transparency and accountability in the pursuit of clean energy. It’s an important part of working toward Kobo’s goal of contributing to a reduced carbon footprint and a healthier planet.

Our Green-e Energy Certification is a tangible commitment to sustainable practices and evidence that Kobo’s energy sources have undergone a meticulous assessment to ensure they meet stringent environmental and ethical standards.