Schematic representation of a Glycosphere
Softspheres™ are available with a variety of colors and actives
Phytopresome™, a liposome which promote penetration in the epidermis
Kobo offers a range of actives, available either as ingredients or encapsulated in Delivery Sytems to maximize their efficacy. Our laboratories in Labège, France specialize in the research and development of delivery systems, such as Glycospheres and Softspheres™.
  • Hyaluronates

    Hyaluronic acid is a natural polysaccharide, widely distributed throughout connective, epithelial, and neural tissues. It is a major component of skin, where it is involved in moisturization and tissue repair.
    Hyaoligo® - Low MW, high purity Sodium Hyaluronate, obtained via an enzymatic process. It promotes moisturization deep in the skin and help cell repair.
    Hyacharming® - Sodium Hyaluronate dispersed in oil at 30% active. It brings natural moisturization to anhydrous formulas
    HA Pro® - Acetylated Sodium Hyaluronat, a super moisturizer and free radical scavenger
    Treme-HA® - Plant derived, high MW polysaccharide, highly efficient moisturizer and free radical scavenger

  • Phytopresomes™

    Liposomal formulations made with Phytopresome™ enhance the penetration of active in the epidermis, increase Stratum Corneum retention, promote sustained release and long-lasting effect and help formulate lipid-soluble actives in water-based formulas.
    Phytopresome™ are liposome precursors composed of lecithin, phytosterol and an active, supplied as powder: the liposomal suspension needs to be made before the product is formulated.

  • Glycospheres

    Glycospheres are supramolecular systems, which consists of a stable inner core, made of starch, and lipids layers (fatty acid esters and polar lipids), organized around this core. The small size (200 nanometers) of this spherical system allows a controlled penetration in the first layers of the epidermis.
    Both hydrophilic and lipopilic active ingredients can be entrapped in the Glycospheres. Experiments on ascorbic acid, free-radical scavengers, enzymes or antibacterial agents have shown that entrapped actives are more stable than the non-entrapped form, and remain active after entrapment and delivery.

  • Softspheres™

    Softspheres™ are large spherical (1.00 to 2.80 mm) particles used for the decoration of formulas and the delivery of lipophilic and / or anionic active ingredients. Made of agar-agar, they are soft enough for being crushed on the skin without leaving any residue. To this agar matrix a copolymer, cationic and amphiphilic is added, which is able to trap active material (natural oils, proteins, vitamins, fragrances, …) and colorants within the sphere.

  • Multifunctional Actives

    INULIN-SC is a natural, multi-functional active, with a moisturizing effect on the skin and texture enhancer in formulations.