KoboMica S-25
Kobo Fillers are used in a variety of applications, including emulsions, hot pours, and powders found in Skin Care, Color Cosmetics and Toiletry products. They contribute to a finished product by adding bulking properties, an enhanced skin feel, luster, shimmer, shine and often times sheen, while helping to fill in the lines on the skin so they appear less visible.
  • Fillers

    • Fillers Talc Replacements

      FSL-BCC-NJE5, BCC-CSO-NJE4 and BN18-CSO-NJE6 are mineral blends with similar texture profile, tactility, pressability, pickup and payoff as talc. They can be used in Clean Beauty formulas.
    • Boron Nitride

      CARESS® BN is a line of high purity Boron Nitride, available in a broad range of particle sizes and crystal morphologies. They provide formulations with a very soft and silky touch, excellent skin adherence and appearances ranging from matte to shiny.
    • Mica

      KoboMica offer superior performance and strict control of particle sizes. They have very thin, flat and smooth surfaces. They provide high slip, excellent skin adhesion, spreadability, good pressability and anti-caking properties.
    • Sericite

      Sericite is a white, silky, shiny substrate derived from a fine crystalline mineral. Compared with mica, it is thicker and provides good spreadability and a smooth texture when applied to the skin.
    • Effect Fillers

      Functional filler that provides high coverage, soft focus and highlighting properties.
    • Talc, Barium Sulfate and Starch

      Other fillers are available besides Mica and Sericite: Talc, Barium Sulfate, Starch based materials.