Plastic-Free Silica KoboScrub™ SD-200
Fumed Silica Gellant (CO15M5)
Kobo offers a wide range of specialty ingredients for the benefit of personal care formulations including Binders, Fillers, Fibers, Gellants, and Scrubbing Beads.
  • Specialties

    • Absorbents

      CHARCOAL POWDER: Natural, highly porous and fine black powder, easy to incorporate into formulas without producing a grainy aspect.
    • Dry Binders

      The strong cohesive properties of dry binders make them easier to disperse allowing the formulator to decrease the amount of lipids. They are also hydrophobic, and simplify the pressing of powders.
    • Emulsifiers

      MAKIBASE SEB is a vegetable-based, PEG-free, W/O emulsifier, which provides light and silky-smooth non-greasy feel. It is also good for cold process.
    • Esters

      Kobo offers a range of esters with high oxidative and heat stability and various viscosity, polarity and compatibility with oils and silicones.

      Plandool™ are plant derived esters, with a range of melting points, consistencies and refractive indexes. They provide moisture retention to skin care, make-up and hair care products, add gloss and have high pigment dispersion ability.
      Neosolue™-AquaS is a PEG-free Multifunctional Water Soluble Ester, with barrier function, high refractive index and ease of use.
    • Gellants

      Fumed Silica dispersions are pre-dispersed high purity silica homogenized in a range of natural oils, silicone oils, or esters, which provide easily manageable and dust free gellants for oil phases and anhydrous formulas.
      MAKIMOUSSE Sodium Polyacrylate Starch gellants are ideal for Mousse textured products.
      AQUA KEEP 10SH-NFC is an extremely absorbent Sodium Polyacrylate powder thickener.
      Ikeda NOMCORT® Gellants range in various properties such as thickener and stabilizer in water-in-oil preparations.
      SUMECTON SAN-P and SUMECTON SWN are synthetic clay gellants, which help in dispersing pigments and building up shine in hot pours.
    • Pigments - Iron Oxides

      Deep Black Iron Oxide
    • Pigmentary ZnO - TiO2 Alternative

      For customers who prefer to avoid using Titanium Dioxide as a pigment, we have developped a new Zinc Oxide, a particularly opaque grade, available surface-treated.
    • Scrubbing Beads

      Spherical beads that are used primarily for exfoliation.
    • Special Effect

      Magnesium sulfate is an inorganic salt, highly soluble in water and its dissolution is an exothermic reaction reaction: heat is given off. This property is used in personal care products to give a warm feel when water is added. It can be used as a heat generating agent in a variety of anhydrous systems such as scrubs, gels, and lotions.
    • Specialty Dispersions

      CO40SS is Sodium Saccharine dispersed in Castor Oil use in lip products to give a slight sweet taste.
      WD-VCB25 is an aqueous dispersion of Charcoal Powder.
    • Surfactants

      MAKIGREEN LCS+ is an optimized combination of vegetable-origin surfactants used to solubilize many different oils in water.
    • Waxes

      MAKIGREEN VELVET WAX is a natural wax that provides smooth, velvety skin feel and can help stabilize and thicken emulsions.
      PM WAX 82 is a combination of Polyethylene (and) Microcrystalline waxes that can give structure and add rub-resistance to a formula.